1. Dear Deepak,

    I am really joyous to see, the love and respect you have for your grand parents. Nowdays i have seen people who seldom do anything for thier elders when they are alive and when they die they forget them the next day. You have done everything and that is a bliss. The blessings will shower on you for the above that will make your life more wonderful and joyous.
    May God rest your dadaji’s soul in peace.
    Kanu Butani

  2. Dada Sughumal,A very religious natured person,he always regularly attended Ekadashi satsang along with his friends Late Dada Uttamchand,Late Dada Tejumal & others @ section 30 Late Dada Mulchand’s SAI NARSARAM Sthan since last 50-60 years.
    He also regularly performed his duty/sewa at Jaganamaa Darbar near old post office ulhasnagar-4,regularly gave his duties to Gaushala also.
    He always attended All Rohri Panchayat functions and blessed almost everyone’s social & personal occassions.
    We all from Rupchandani family Salute Dada & Hope He may Bless us All so as we also follow his Good Natured Path.

  3. i love dada sugnomal very much at night sleeping time i use to hear his voive song like nandra nimanhi … when my wife also like very much .god bless him with his greate family when i just read his life,s activies .much surprised . in long distance going to local train with singing countinuly . we salute dadaji a lot aheda sindhi sabagha her yug mein jiyan. jai julelal.daulat jadwani ulhassnagar -421003

  4. Good Day to you.

    I am a sindhi from kuala lumpur in malaysia and would be highly greatfull if we can have a full detail dos n donts for a funeral. As in what to do from the moment we have a death in the house till the 12th day prayers. Reason being we do not have a sindhi priest here and we want to do the right thing and prayers for the dearly departed. Appreciate it so much. Godbless.

  5. pujniy dada sugumal,s voice is so sweet i alway daily listning FR MOBILE SLEEPING TIME. je thhi nimano. others songs .his greate voice is god,s given gift. v love dadaji v too salute him .with love fr DAULAT TEJUMAL JADWANI. ULHASNAGAR-421003.WHENEVER I TRAVEL IN LOCAL TRAIN I MISSES HIM ALOT.

  6. Friends, greetings to you. I saw your name in an image of registers with Thirth Pandas in Google when I was posting information in a forum about ‘ancestors’ in Hinduism. I am sorry for the loss of Shah Sugumal for your family. I wish the best for you people and your progeny. With regards,

    Yours sincerely,.
    Amar Nath Reu (Kashmiri Brahmin in Delhi)

  7. Can we do Pind daan online? or do we have to physically be there ? Due to some limitations, we will not be able to travel to Nashik.

  8. sir

    I would like to perform my mother’s punna thithi, annual ceremony at Nashik. Kindly guide me regarding this. How much I have to pay for this ceremony. What will be charges for performance and annaprasadam cost. How much I have to pay meals per day.

  9. is there any room accommodation reservation in advance and other changes like meals per person and maximum people allowed. Kindly give details.

  10. I want to find my ancestors details. Do you have any contact numbers? Please do share with me.

  11. My beloved mother has breathed her last on 20th April 2020 at Mumbai and the cremation was done as prescribed and guided by learned pandit. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, other rituals are postponed as suggested by the learned ones. We belong to Kannada smartha brahmins, followers of Shringeri Yajurveda school. We would like to know whether any arrangement can be made in Nashik for completing the rituals from 9th day ceremony until 14th day (vykuntha) as per our customs which shall include staying arrangement for self(kartr) and my wife.

  12. Can we get any contact number of Damodar Maharaj. He is our Maharaj, but we don’t have his contact details.

  13. Maharaj Ji,
    Can we reach on 7 th may 2021 Friday to perform 10 th day rituals.

    We will be coming from Mumbai

    Please provide further information & guidance

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