Dada Sugumal Keswani
Dada Sugumal Keswani was born in Rohri, Sindh. He was youngest in siblings and lead very simple life. After partition he came to Ulhasnagar and did his own business where he supplied electrical goods to Mumbai vendors. He always preferred working and earning his own bread. He continued this business till 2008 and slowly stopped. Dada travelled in Mumbai Local trains for livelihood for almost 60 years.

Apart from this he also liked to help his sons in general store business. Most of his life he used to open the shop in the early morning and then visit Mumbai for taking and delivering orders and then back in the general store in the evening.  He liked interacting with various people visiting the shop. His mornings use to begin with reading Sindhi Newspapers. He liked distributing sweet candies to children which made him famous as goliwala dada. Dada was gifted with great voice and use to sing Master Chander’s Kalams and other Bhajans. He used to join Sindhi Sangeet mandli in train and sing some songs to ease the 1.5 hr long Mumbai journey.  Dada was very much into walking and bicycling. He would hardly take Riksha, taxi or Bus for reaching out long distances. That is one of the secret of his healthy life.

On 8-June-2011 Dada passed away suddenly without giving any sign or disturbing anybody’s life. He visited temple in the morning and felt uneasy while returning. And dada’s soul left for heavens. He will be always remembered for his kind and generous nature.



  1. Dada Sughumal,A very religious natured person,he always regularly attended Ekadashi satsang along with his friends Late Dada Uttamchand,Late Dada Tejumal & others @ section 30 Late Dada Mulchand’s SAI NARSARAM Sthan since last 50-60 years.
    He also regularly performed his duty/sewa at Jaganamaa Darbar near old post office ulhasnagar-4,regularly gave his duties to Gaushala also.
    He always attended All Rohri Panchayat functions and blessed almost everyone’s social & personal occassions.
    We all from Rupchandani family Salute Dada & Hope He may Bless us All so as we also follow his Good Natured Path.

  2. i love dada sugnomal very much at night sleeping time i use to hear his voive song like nandra nimanhi … when my wife also like very much .god bless him with his greate family when i just read his life,s activies .much surprised . in long distance going to local train with singing countinuly . we salute dadaji a lot aheda sindhi sabagha her yug mein jiyan. jai julelal.daulat jadwani ulhassnagar -421003

  3. pujniy dada sugumal,s voice is so sweet i alway daily listning FR MOBILE SLEEPING TIME. je thhi nimano. others songs .his greate voice is god,s given gift. v love dadaji v too salute him .with love fr DAULAT TEJUMAL JADWANI. ULHASNAGAR-421003.WHENEVER I TRAVEL IN LOCAL TRAIN I MISSES HIM ALOT.

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