Family Tree

Chanchaldas Sahebmal Keswani

  1. Udharam
  2. Uttamchand
  3. Parpati
  4. Sugumal
    1. Bhagchand (Gul)
      1. Deepak
      2. Vinod
      3. Sanjay
    2. Haresh (Papan)
      1. Naresh
      2. Varsha (Soni)
    3. Prakash
      1. Laxmi (Nisha)
      2. Mohan
  5. Dharmi


  1. Friends, greetings to you. I saw your name in an image of registers with Thirth Pandas in Google when I was posting information in a forum about ‘ancestors’ in Hinduism. I am sorry for the loss of Shah Sugumal for your family. I wish the best for you people and your progeny. With regards,

    Yours sincerely,.
    Amar Nath Reu (Kashmiri Brahmin in Delhi)

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