Pinda Daan

Last Rites, Pinda Daan at Nashik

It is said in Hindu Mythology that to relieve the soul from body and transmigrate peacefully. It is must for salvation of the departed souls. It is necessary to perform Pindha Dhaan at few of the selective places in India. Pinda dhaan in India is performed at Haridwar, Varansi, Gaya, Allahabad, Nashik.

The eldest son, is the prime carrier of the descendants of an aatma, so customarily, it’s been fixed for the eldest and subsequent in hierarchy to do it.

Four on the way for last rites at Kasara Station


We went to Nashik, Maharashtra for Pindha Dhaan on eleventh day (18-Jun-2011) of our grandfather’s demise. This is the place most of our ancestors or our grandfather’s siblings has done the Pinda Dhaan. (We really don’t know where were Pinda Dhaan done in Sindh prior to 1947)



This is kind of prominent monument clearly visible when you land at Nashik Station.

Buses are easily available from Nashik Road Station to Panchvati every 15 minutes. They don’t cost much, however if you would like to take autorikshah, you need to bargain for anywhere less than Rs. 100.

Ram Ghat, Ram Kund, Sai Kiran Dham

For Sindhis there is special arrangement made at Ram Ghat at Panchvati, where group of bhrhamans serve to Sindhi communities. They have all the records of our ancestors who visited Nasik in the past for Pinda Daan or other rituals.

List of Bhramans for Sindhi last rite at Ram Ghat, Nashik

All you need to give is your native village from Sindh like (Rohri, Sakkar, Larkano, Shikarpur etc) and your surname. Alternatively if you remember your nukh (caste). They can bring out all your family history records archived with them. There is separate bhraman allocated based on caste and village. Our grandfather was from Rohiri and nukh (caste) is Kukreja. So we found that Pandit Damodar Maharaj was taking care of our ancesstors records. He only organized our Pinda Daan Puja.

Damodhar Maharaj Nashik

Damodar Maharaj for Sindhi Last Rites, Kriya Karam at Ram Kund, Nashik, Maharashtra

Indian Genealogy Script keswani family, rohri

Keswani Family Genealogy Records in Indian Script at Nashik

Board at Panchvati, Ghodavari River, Nashik

Wall scripted with details on significance of Nashik Priyag.

Pind Preparation from Wheatflour

Flowers For Kirya Karam

Nasik Pinda Daan Preparation

Pinda Daan preparation and pujaPinda Pravahan in Godhavari River, Ram Ghat, Panchvati, Nashik

Pinda Daan Offering to Cow

Offering for Cow, Gau mata

Jal offering to Pipal Tree

Pinda Daan Explaination by Shri Vaibhav Shingne


Shri Vaibhav Shingne and Shri Upendra Parashar are two young generation Tirth Purohits, who are using innovative computer technologies to preserve Genealogy information.

Vaibhav Shingne, Tirth Purohit, Ram Ghat, Nashik

Mahendra Parashar, Tirth Purohit, Ram Ghat, Nasik

Dada’s Recordings

Dada was fond of Master Chander's Kalams. Virhango Album


His mornings started with reading of Sindhi Newspapers.