Paghriyun / Marka of Dadi Gauri Sugumal Keswani

Paghriyun / Marka Information of Dadi Gauri Sugumal Keswani was published in Hindu Newspaper on 21-March-2014 (Friday)

Smt. Gauri Sugumal Keswani Paghriyoon Marka

Sad Demise of Dadi Gauri Sugumal Keswani

Sad Demise of Dadi Gauri Sugumal Keswani on 19-March-2014, Wednesday at 11:30am at Ulhasnagar. She visited the Tulsidas Temple in Unr-4 in morning & had breakfast Mung Fulko after that. At about 11:30am she started feeling pain in her right arm & breathlessness after some time. She yawned and became unconscious after that. She was given Tulsi leaves sweet water in the mean time. Local doctor was invited ti check her, who conveyed the sad news. She was born in Rohri, Sindh (United India) in year 1932.

Smt Gauri Sugumal Keswani

Secret treasure of our Grand Parents

Article I gave when I felt like lost after my Grandfather’s Sad demise. Luckily this article was published on 12th day ritual of my Grandfather, that is 19-Jun-2011.

Secret treasure of our Grand Parents

Shradhanjali in Hindvasi Newspaper

Small column published by the Hindvasi weekly newspaper on life of Dada Sugumal ch. Keswani.


Paghriyun information in Hindu Newspaper

Our dear Uncle Ramesh U. Keswani took efforts to publish Paghriyun News in Hindu Newspaper. Paghriyun/Marka held on 10-June-2011 Friday at Guru Sangat Darbar in Ulhasnagar 4.


Paghriyun Information on Local Cable TV.


Dada’s Recordings

Dada was fond of Master Chander's Kalams. Virhango Album


His mornings started with reading of Sindhi Newspapers.